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How to get pre-approved

1、Call lenders and compare their loan programs and rates.

2、Select a loan program that best suits your personal and financial needs.

3、Consider such things as how long you plan on living in a home or if your income will be increasing significantly in the coming years.

Provide your lender with the copies of the following information:

1、Most recent two years' W-2 forms;

2、Most recent month's pay stubs;

3、The last two years' federal tax returns;

4、Your purchase agreement (if you already have it);

5、Profit and loss statements (if you're self-employed);

6、Most recent two years' corporate returns (if you own a corporation);

7、Your last three months' bank statements on all accounts (to verify down payment);

8、 Bankruptcy papers (if applicable);

9、A completed loan application.

Wait. The loan process from start to loan approval for a typical loan transaction will take anywhere from one and a half to three weeks, depending on the particulars of your transaction and your lender.